We hope all of your families are safe and healthy! At this time, we want to address our hospital operations plan for the next 5 weeks. As has been the case, information here is subject to change based on daily occurrences, as well as staff and client needs.

Grooming services discontinued

As of Friday march 27th, we will suspend all non-medical grooming services thru April 30th. Our grooming facility will close on March 26, with rescheduling starting May 1, 2020. The decision to suspend service will preserve both staff safety and staff resources.

Boarding Services Limited

Boarding with our hospitals will be on a doctor-approved basis only thru April 30th. Our team will respectfully consider any boarding requests. We have also discontinued business hours from 6-7PM as well as Sunday discharges in order to manage staff resources. These changes will also continue thru April 30th.

No Public Access to Hospitals

Starting Friday March 27, all locations will operate with no client access to our locations unless directed by a DVM. Our front doors will be locked (key in place) with the lights on. All services will be provided curb-side. We do consider juvenile series vaccinations as well as second boosters in a series an important. If we miss inoculations during development, we miss the only juvenile protection series during that pet's life.

At this time, our patient-receiving procedure will have a gloved team member retrieving the pet from the curbside to admit for services. If an owner has self-identified as sick or with exposure, our receiving team will add a protective mask and gown when transporting pets to and from the curbside.

Communication by phone for appointments and histories will be our standard, but we also will be utilizing our in-hospital radios for clients.

Surgical Cases

We will start rescheduling all routine surgical the week of April 6th. Diagnostic imaging including radiography, endoscopy, ultrasound and CT do not require use of personal protection and will be scheduled base on staff availability and DVM direction. Our ability to offer any surgical services will be limited based on both staff availability and supplies.


All locations remain open to assist with refill request. Remember to use our on-line services with COVETRUS if looking for larger than 30 days supplies of medications or large food orders.

Thank you,

Pete Bashara, DVM