Our veterinary staff provides a full range of surgical skill in the following areas:


We are equipped to handle most bone-related injuries, addressing your pet's specific needs with techniques as simple as resetting and casting, to those as complex as bone-plating and joint replacement.

As your pet enters its senior years, you should know we have special expertise in treating arthritis and managing joint pain.  We consider it one of our topmost priorities to maintain your aging pet's quality of life, and we therefore find arthritis-treating techniques, both phamacological and surgical, to be among our most important offerings.

Soft Tissue

Surgeries of the organs, skin and musculature are commonly referred to as "soft tissue" procedures.  These can range from removal of a swallowed foreign object, to spaying and neutering, to more complicated tumor excision and cardiac treatments.


While cosmetic surgery for pets might sound a bit unusual, it is in fact quite common for many breeds, and even medically necessary for others.  Tail docking is done on many breeds during the first days of puppyhood and is accomplished nearly painlessly in just a few seconds.

Addressing excess skin folds in Shar Peis and other loose-skined breeds can greatly reduce the occurence of skin infections, and surgery on breeds with protruding eyes, such as pugs, can reduce eye irritation and infection.  Most of these procedures, along with declawing for cats, can be done with minimal hospital stays and a regimine of at-home care.  If you have any questions regarding whether to pursue a cosmetic surgery for your pet, please feel free to call us.