Authorization to Board

  • All pets admitted for boarding must be current on all annual vaccinations. Also, for the health of your pet, he/she must be free of all external and internal parasites.
  • Discharge time for boarding is 12:00 noon. Any pets staying later will be charged for an additional night's boarding. Pets being groomed the day of discharge are exempt from this
  • You are welcome to bring personal items such as toys, blankets, etc. for your pet, although we can not be responsible for damage or loss of those items. If necessary, items will be laundered and a $2.00 charge will be assessed for each item.
  • Please take all leashes and collars with you and bring them when you pick up your pet.

I have read the above policies and accept full financial responsilbiity for any vaccination or treatment necessary to fulfill these policies. 

  • Please list all items you are leaving with your pet
    1. Would you like to have your pet bathed or groomed prior to check-out for an additional fee?*
  • Thanks!