Celebrating Our Clients the Knudsen Family!

  ·  Shawn Finch, DVM

Becca "B" Bling/Fancy Feebe

Meet the Knudsen family! We love to see this family and their wonderful dogs!

Lyze Lu/Chloe Bella

From Judy Knudsen as told to Dr. Shawn Finch:

At four, I was riding my pony, chasing ducklings and sleeping with my dog, Pepper. Always a love for dogs & babies of all kinds.

I was a foster mommy for thirteen years caring for premature and pre-adoptive newborn infants and at the same time raising my own two children and breeding teacup poodles. And really lucky to have a very understanding husband.

Master Parker

Always believing a single would be lonesome, I would have more than one pet to cuddle and play with. Dogs give so much and add a dimension to one’s life that helps complete a healthy and happy playful human. My family had that opportunity. I lend myself to the side of perfection and that is a level that’s hard to keep with my multiple pets and kids. However, Gentle Doctor has helped me do that. On the grooming side with Miss Pam’s assistance in keeping everyone in perfect breed specific “hair dos” and our visits there fill her and my calendars. I so enjoy seeing the fantastic job she does. She does wonderful work and pups love her as well.

Precious Cooper

I have also enjoyed fostering pre-placed puppies and try to see to it that those pups are in the best starter puppy place I can assist with. They absolutely fill my desire to help everyone be as happy with their pet as I always am. There has been a profound change in the last few years to the absolute desire to be “the everything” I can be for my pets.

On a bright summer morning, I had a call about a very sick and tiny puppy that needed a lots of attention and would I help by taking him for a while. YES!!!!! I sure would, and I was not one moment sorry that I added him to our family.

However, two weeks into trying to hand feed every two hours day and night and his not responding - I needed to call Dr. Pete. On that very phone call he knew what his problem was. It just wasn’t what I wanted to hear. Dr. Pete and I and the love and devotion of my entire family brought Cooper through lots of emergencies.

The six weeks to six months that Dr. Pete gave us turned the “love of our lives” to a total of “three years and three months”.

Precious Cooper with Dr. Pete on His 3rd Birthday

I can’t put into words all that Cooper gave us. He could look into our eyes and change our days and his barking was like music and his cuddles were tranquilizing to all of us. He was sent to enrich our lives – this I am certain. Thank God for him as to this day he inspires us. THANK YOU DR. PETE!

We find wonderful similarities and delight in the two little Yorkies we have since added. However, having Poodles and Maltese, we are finding this breed is far more energetic and active. Yes, their coats are as beautiful as Miss Pam has helped me do for them (brushing is another story, in itself).

Ruby Rose

We moved to Omaha shortly after Dr. Bob opened the old Maple Street clinic. We enjoyed the support of so many wonderful people there. Dr. Bob helped me through the teacup poodle times – especially Miss Tiffany. He was patient with me as I was certain the stroke she had would be OK if I could just bring her home! I did and she let me know when her time was done. Dr. Bob was there to help me through that, too. With tears still, I say thank you to him because he understood and that means so much. THANK YOU, DR. BOB.

I could go on and you would quickly say “yikes lady”, how many pups have you had. Well, A LOT!!!! Because, remember, one is lonely!


As time passes, so did the responsibility of the clinic – Dr. Pete took over. I remember him peeking around the corners of the Maple Street clinic as he was just a young boy with a lovely smile greeting you.


Puppy Rosie

Gentle Doctor, Dr. Bob and Dr. Pete have helped me keep a calm puppy family and have the knowledge that if something comes up we will find a way to make it OK. I realize that I have the best clinic on my side.

I feel gratitude there for the vet techs, office girls and the entire staff. I feel that I can trust each of them. Laura is still there, and she started with Dr. Bob, too. The Groom Salon and Pam are fantastic and can be sure when you get your pup home they will be relaxed and gorgeous.

I must also add that my three wonderful and delightful children are raised and have puppy families of their own. If we would get together we would have enough for a soccer team + a spare! We have great confidence in Dr. Pete and trust that will last for many years. I was lucky to have been able to share in Pete’s sister’s Stacey helping place two Maltese pups. They are adorable puppies. Such fun. I know Bob and Jan love Missie and she was an adorable and cuddly puppy. I just love to be able to help share the “love” the puppies give. Dogs do certainly take time and money and dedication, all of which is returned by them. It’s like winning the lottery, every day.

Congrats GENTLE DOCTOR on your 50th anniversary. With love from our family and the family of pups.
The Knudsens

Puppy Gus

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